Empowering Future Leaders


Empowering Future Leaders




The Richard & Thelma Nesbitt Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization founded in May of 2016 by Ricky K. Nesbitt Jr. We are dedicated to educating and training youths to become future leaders...



When I started the Richard & Thelma Nesbitt Foundation (RTN) in honor of my late grandparents, my goal was simple: To create meaningful change in our communities and empower future leaders. With that concept being at the forefront of my mind, I began to ponder on what it was in my life I had to contribute towards that change. At the time it didn’t seem like much. All I had were memories from my childhood of wishing there were more people outside of my family willing to help mold my genius. This is where the vision and focus of RTN, to create possibilities and nurture dreams, originated. We partner with groups and schools that are excited about creating better paths for our future generation. These partnerships are mainly in areas that are inferior and lack the community and financial support needed to rise above what has been set as their standard. Richard and Thelma were very passionate about teaching their children and grandchildren the importance of giving back even with limited resources. They believed in altruism and always desired to spread love and hope in their community. For this reason we keep their legacy alive! Since the world keeps changing our impact has to match, so that our children can conquer whatever is thrown their way. So I have assembled a team that is equipped with the knowledge, skillset, and the life experience to carry out the the goals of this foundation. As this organization grows we will continue to remember the values, give where there is need, and continue to make sure that we encourage all of the youth we come in contact with by helping them obtain a mental, physical, social, and spiritual balance. This Balance pushes social change forward and creates a foundation for a future leader.

Thank you for your investment in building future leaders!



Ricky K. Nesbitt, Jr., President & Founder